What good is a high MP count...

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jande9 wrote:

jcollier wrote:

I'm afraid that if you find it necessary to ask the question that you will not be enlightened by the answer.

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Perhaps if you had understood the question a little better you would not have replied so rudely.

Many people feel that the push for more megapixels is a marketing gimmick for most people.

I think that a good 6mp camera would satisfy almost all of the needs of an amateur photographer. I have produced school graduation quality portraits cropped about 50% from a original Canon 300D file, and it looks fine as an 8X10. I am very happy with 11X14 prints from my Pentax 100D even cropped by around 30%. I say this from the perspective of someone who used a Leica M3 and a Rollei35 for 35 years before going digital, so I have some idea about quality in a print.

Of course, more mp is theoretically better but in almost all real life situations it doesn't make that much difference for non-professional photographers, especially if you are just viewing pictures on a computer.

I understood the question and my response was not intended to be rude. There is no arbitrary maximum or minimum as to image resolution. That is a very highly individualized preference. This is very similar to the question: "What is the best camera." My answer to that question would be the same.

I have used many cameras over the years (including an M3 that I have also used - and still use - for over 35 years). I have digitized my film library of over 30K images and added over a 100K of digital images. I can categorically say that resolution is an important factor in my work and the work of  my associates. I have used many cameras from 2MP to 20MP+. I have some great pics taken with my phone camera as well as my 5D2. However, I wouldn't rely on my phone camera for most of my shots. My DP1 is capable of capturing superb images. However, my DP2M is in an entirely separate class.

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