GH3 vs D5200 - EOSHD Shootout

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Re: GH3 vs D5200 - EOSHD Shootout

marike6 wrote:

EOSHD Shootout - Nikon D5200 vs Panasonic GH3 (low light) - click link below

I've been thinking of upgrading my GH2 to a GH3 which I use mostly for video. But it seems clear, at least in this comparison from EOSHD, that the D5200 is actually producing better video IQ. Nicer colors and sharper image, at least in this low-light comparison. According to Andrew, and some of the other tests I've seen, unlike the Canons, NEX-6 and other Nikons, moire/aliasing are extremely well controlled on the D5200.

I know that the D5200 has better IQ for stills than the GH2 and likely the GH3 as well, but I expected the reverse to be true, with the GH3 having superior video IQ than the D5200. Perhaps I was wrong to assume so.

I realize the GH3 has other benefits like 1080p60 (both the GH2 and D5200 on do 720p60) but since I already have a stack of Nikkor lenses for my FF camera, I'm now thinking of a D5200 instead of the more expensive GH3. Am I missing something?

How are GH3 users getting on with their cameras?

Thanks in advance and happy shooting, Markus

Funny, after your wild trolling in the D5200 studio comparison announcement where no m43 could ever compare to apsc. You now pretend to show interest in the GH3. Surely you wouldn't just be stirring again, would you?

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