Still struggling with my SSD installation, Help!

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Re: Still struggling with my SSD installation, Help!

joey_B wrote:

I didn't really have time to read all the stuff written here, but did you set your RAID controller up to see the SSD as a pass-trough? It isn't part of the RAID volume, and the controller has to know what to do with it.

Your 4 drives can still be part of the RAID10 volume you already have, although it might be better to ditch the whole setup now, and create a new one from scratch.

This link will explain: , although it is written for Server and I do not know if it will work on your home system.

Pass-trough? I initially had my SSD and 4 HDD's configured as Raid 10 in the Intel Controller, I was told I should put the SSD on the Jmicron Controller, which I did, but the SSD still wasn't recognized by the Samsung software and it was in IDE configuration instead of AHCI!

I've tried many diffent avenues, just got done re-installing(Fresh Intall) for the 7th time and it's still not working?

I'm pretty well at a loss from here!

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