Lighting door slabs in a studio?

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Re: Lighting door slabs in a studio?

Zalafoto USA wrote:

I have done similar product photography for cabinet door manufacturing company for years.

For years and years I had to shoot them straight on, but the last shoot I shot them from an angle. I can not find the setup BTS shot, but I know I used heavy wood boxes to support the doors. Used tape to mark doors, so the next was easy to place in the exact same position. That also made the images look uniform, because all doors were in the same angle, exact same placement.

I shot them upright position. Used a large 4 or 5 ft parabolic as fill camera right (right next to cam). A smaller 2x3ft softbox was placed camera right, little bit behind subject to create the accent light. I think I removed the diffusion panel from the sb to make it harsher and to help create 3d look.

Actual layout in the catalog

I shot probably more than a hundred set of doors. It took a little time to create a setup that would work on doors with hardly any grooves and also for more 3 dimensional pieces. They also had some really shiny and some really dull finishes. I had to be sure not to have softbox reflections, just nice highlights.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for sharing your work! Everything helps. I will post the results in a couple weeks after the shoot.

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