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Re: ?!?! I agree with you description of thinking

rovingtim wrote:

alatchin wrote:

rovingtim wrote:

3) rebooting 43rds would give them 2 fields of cameras that almost intersect.

... and twice the development costs, and twice the advertising costs, and twice the supply costs ...

You can believe this point Tim. How, with shared processing, electronics, shutter mechanism, sensor, sensor stabilization and add on features could the AF, and optical Viewfinder mean twice anything... To me you are just trying to perpetuate your position.

I understand why you are saying this. However, consider:

Most of the major development costs are there, they have an excellent OVF ready to go... so question is, have they been working on a traditional PDAF system, or have they been working on the on sensor PDAF... or both?

This implies it cost Olympus almost nothing to develop the EM-5. Sensor by Sony, shutter already developed, CDAF well developed, no mirror box, EVF already developed ...

Not true, the EVF in the EM5 has a new processing and refresh rate, different housing and a mechanism that makes it stabilized.

The Sensor was from sony, however someone has to marry that with Olympus' Truepic processors, adjust the image pipeline, update software etc. Also the Shutter is new, it is dampened differently, the pipeline can now for 9fps and the video has improved resolution.

To top thet off they have a brand new, class leading IBIS, I know I use it all the time and it astonishes me how good it really is.

How on earth are they losing money then?

My honest answer is that they pushed a lot into premium compacts and didnt see the return. That is my thinking... Add to that what John seems to know (I dont know much about those odds and ends)... But I seriously think they made a big push, look at the lens qualityon the new tough, the 5 axis ibis in the newest P&S as well as all the trickle down tech to their new compacts... But they cant be selling the way Olympus had hoped.

That is my honest assessment, I would feel m43rds is doing okay, compacts has been a disaster and they have decided to try to leverage again in DSLRs. Hence the very vocal support of that line.

It makes sense, just as my prediction that the long drawn out use of the Panasonic sensor suggested big changes on the horizon, and Olympus went from a sensor that had been punching just under its class for a year or two, to one that punched above its class.

That is why I feel we will see 2 lines of DSLR, redesigned and feature rich. Most of the development costs are covered, if Pentax can eek by, Olympus can chew a piece off the DSLR pie this year.


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