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Re: Amazon will ban you

Austin101 wrote:

TThorne wrote:

Austin101 wrote:

I purchased just over £17k of photo gear via Amazon UK over a 16 month period.

7k of which was returned through either faulty gear or poor performance however 2.7k of that returned was through no fault of my own but due to the courier returning the item because I wasn't at home when they tried to delivery and didn't leave a card, also some couriers return the item directly to Amazon and don't try to redeliver, once returned to Amazon they just do a refund and don't contact you to redeliver.

because of the above Amazon closed my account.

I opened a new account a few days later using the same name/address/card details and still continue to purchase from them.

That is a first I have heard. I wonder if this is world wide or if it changes from region to region.

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No idea but they did give me a warning prior to closing my account, places like Amazon have push out the local brick and mortar shops (which was inevitable) so they have to expect people will want to test items out if they can no longer walk in to a shop and handle them.

It's funny...I'm not exactly sure how badly Amazon has pushed out brick-and-mortar photography stores. Book stores, definitely, and a few others as well...but camera shops? Much tougher to tell. Most of the photo stores around me growing up made their money off of developing and related services, and any of those that didn't adapt to the digital world (many of them were too small to really make a go of that) died out quite a while ago. Then the slightly bigger ones that sold a lot of gear were crushed by places like Best Buy, who can afford much lower margins (including looser return policies) due to volume and therefore price out the little guys. Ignoring places like B&H, which was big already and adapted to the internet absolutely perfectly, the survivors are the shops that offer competitively-priced services that people still can't do at home easily (large-format printing, passport photos, etc) and/or have notably helpful and knowledgeable sales staff.

Basically, within a 30-minute drive from me, Best Buy is my only choice if I want to buy a camera from a real store. Which I'll never, ever do, nor will I ever tell anyone else to do either...because they have employees who generally (I'm sure there are exceptions) either know nothing about their camera gear whatsoever or have serious personal biases/specific sales motivations. The only thing I'll miss if Amazon kills Best Buy is the ability to hold a camera in my hands before I buy it. Which, sadly, is the only thing I miss about the photo stores around here that have closed down in recent years. I don't have enough disposable income to pay $50-100 more for something just to support a business!

Having said that, while Amazon is a big boy and can handle themselves just fine, buying something from them with the intention of returning it in a few days is pretty obnoxious.

Oh and back on topic...just go buy a used X100!

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