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Re: What PS camera would compete if not outperform this camera & lens combo if full size

Firstly, may I say to the original poster of the skyline photo - what a wonderful picture!

Now let me pic up on the following statement : "At the size the OP presented, I doubt anyone could tell the difference from a good P&S with the same stitch."

- Thats the whole point in this day and age - most people rarely do anything other than post their photo's online or print in small sizes at best, this constant striving for more megapixels is just ridiculous - that photo could have been taken on pretty much literally any camera at all, and the proof is in the  pudding - if you took 5 photo's on 5 different DSLR's I'd be amazed if anyone could even guess which brand they were from, let alone which model.

It's a crazy world this photography world - full of people convincing themselves they see something they don't and fussing over minute details of total insignificance.

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