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Re: From the Olympus Website--A little better translation than DPReview

It wouldn't make sense for Olympus to end the DSLR line, it would be a bad business decision on their part.  Granted, it doesn't make sense for them to expand it much at this point, either.

But it's not like they've put much into the DSLR range lately.  They've released one new model in the last 3 years.  The midrange E-30 was announced in 2008.  The E-620 and E-450 in 2009, and the later only 10MP and little changed from 2008's E420. So for the last couple of years, your only real choices in Olympus DSLR were the E-5 and the now 4-year old E-620.

It's understandable that they wanted to focus on the more rapidly growing mirrorless segment.  But mirrorless is beginning to become saturated with offerings now.  All the big players now have offerings there.  That's going to cut into profit margins in that segment.  With the overall market no longer growing, you would think their top priority at this point might be to try to hold onto existing customers, and consolidate their gains.

And it's hard to see any segment of the market right now where Olympus can guarantee themselves sales more easily in 2013-2014, without reducing prices below costs, then to update their DSLR line.  Maybe it won't even be a line, maybe they only need to offer one camera.  I think at most it will be two; one E-5 update, and one not weather sealed.

If market conditions are getting tougher, then it's time to consolidate.  They can do that in mirrorless by simply continuing the existing offerings there.  They already have the next generation 16MP models of the E-PL5 and E-PM2 out there at competitive prices.  And those should sell well for some time considering the success of the OMD.  The only question is what they'll do with the E-P5, which should be out mid-year positioned somewhere between the OM-D and lower models.

It doesn't make sense at this time for them to not introduce a 16MP sensor and other recent improvements (image processing, better IS, etc) in the DSLR line as well.  That would be leaving too many potential easy sales on the table.   They could also consider introducing a more DSLR like model on the mirrorless side as well.   Maybe an E-50 and E-M50?

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