recomandation for sunset lens?? cz 16-35 and its flare..

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Re: A wide angle for sunset?

I have A900 and CZ16-35.

The CZ16-35 does indeed flare with any bright point light-source directly in the image, though it is a great super-sharp landscape lens in general.

For sunsets it is OK once the sun is below the horizon, or you have positioned it behind something (trees, cliffs, building, etc.,) or when the sun is covered by cloud that just diffuses it a bit. If the sun is direct unhidden in the sky in the image, then flare is unfortunately very likely.

When you get it, the flare is typically a very saturated green flare-spot diammetrically opposite the sun in the image and that can be cleaned somewhat in PP, but if you shoot direct 100% on-axis at a bright sun, you will get ring flare which is then a very very tough job to PP away as it affects the colour-balance and contrast across large portions of the frame.

Looking at these images you have shown here where you are creating typically darker exposures working on subject silhouettes or the cloud structure to create mood, I would have said these could have been done OK with the CZ16-35.

The only other lens I have capable of going wide is the CZ24-70 and that also flares in similar way, so I cannot give you a comparative assessment. In the general sense the higher quality the lens, the more elements it will have and hence the more prone it is to flare. Maybe a fixed focal-length WA is better than the Zeiss zoom if you really want to limit the likelihood and effect of flare and you are really expecting to do very very many sunset shots. For me though, on-balance, the CZ16-25 on FF excels in enough other areas that I am happy with it and I try to work around potential flare with framing/cropping or other PP. Unfortunately the CZ16-35's flare characteristics aren't really such that you can use it artistically - at least I have not found so. I also always use the lens-hood, as much to protect the front element as limit flare.

[ The only filter I use with CZ16-35 is the Zeiss polariser or a Hoya ND400 (basically same as big-stopper). I do my ND grads in PP in LR. ]

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