How Critical is Lens Speed?

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Re: How Critical is Lens Speed?

GregT4Eye wrote:

I am somewhat a Noob when it comes to this site & dSLRs & forgive me if this question/issue has been debated earlier/elsewhere on this site. Feel free to direct me to any specific info or articles on this subject.

My question is:

With the super sensitivity / High ISO capabilities of today's modern dSLRs, Is the speed difference between a 2.8 & a 1.4 lens really that much of an advantage? Is it worth the high end price of the faster lens? No lens performs at its best wide open, so I would think that you would want to avoid that whenever possible?


ISO only goes so far. For low-light/indoor photography and extremely shallow DOF a faster lens is a good piece of kit to have. Sure, they'll probably become sharper above the max aperture but it may not make a huge difference if people aren't concerned about checking exactly how sharp your images are at 100%. There can be some advantage between 1.4 and 2.8 for low-light, at least enough to avoid shutter speeds that are too low. As far as price, you can find faster lenses that are about the same price as their less-fast counterparts. All of this depends on the lens so read up on a few and find out which is best suited for your needs.

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