Has anyone tried both the 18-70mm and 16-85mm?

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Re: Has anyone tried both the 18-70mm and 16-85mm?

Have both and love both. Great lenses. The 18-70 is a superb value in Nikon's lineup.

Main advantages of the 18-70 over the 16-85 are its much lower cost and its compact size and light weight.

The 16-85 is a better lens all round, but I am not sure the extra cost is worth it unless one needs its extra range at either end ( a range which is VERY useful ), plus the VR which is quite effective. For cityscapes and general touristy work, the 16mm is a boon.

I do agree w/ Andy re bokeh on the 16-85mm - it is only average ( being kind ). Its slow aperture also spoils what could be a perfect mid-ramge zoom.

Other thoughts :

If you do seek a longer range, explore the 18-105mm. Also, if there is any chance you might go FF sometime in the future, you might stuck with your excellent 18-70, to avoid having to sell lenses and buy FF-specific lenses, although the 16-85 is such a high quality zoom, that it does appear to be holding its value quite well - selling it might not present that much of a loss.

Final comment ; realise you have said that you will probably hold off for a while, but Tamron's 18-270mm is an amazing lens for about the same cost as the 16-85. It received only average review here at DPlast year, but I find its IQ equal to the 16-85, the bokeh is better, and the extended range, light weight, and powerful VR makes it the ideal walkabout and travel lens. I use the Tamron more than the 16-85.

Good luck in your research


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