Ken Rockwell's sweeping statement fallacies

Started Feb 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Theres some sense to his Grad use I'd say...

abi170845 wrote:

4) GND filter slows him down and only uses screw in GND-----just use the adapter ring like the Cokin X and stick blu tac on the edges of the GND filters, doh! Practice dude, not that hard.

This is actually one of Ken's unpopular arguements that I find myself at least partly agreeing with.

Not that filter systems don't have there uses, there are certain shots I'v certainly benefited from using my Lee system on. Rather I think that the usefulness of screw in grads is underated, maybe its just my style of shooting but I find my 2 stop screw in covers probabley 90% of my needs and has the obvious advanatge its much easier to take out every day than a filter system..

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