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Flashback to the Camedia C-8080, C-7070 w/ OM-D & Pen

I just bought the Pen EPL-2 with a 14-42 mm lens for my wife. She wanted a simple P&S, all auto camera for snapshots. I asked her if she wanted to print her images once in a while and she said yes. So I showed her the EPL-2. We got it on sale from Olympus Store for $285 with a 5% coupon I had for taking that survey. The camera is perfect for my wife, who always gets wonderful images but doesn't want to mess with f-stops and ss.

I was impressed with the value of this camera, which apparently has the same sensor as my E-5. So I got her a tele zoom for birding and our trip this spring to Little Cayman to dive and see the red-footed boobie. The 40-150 is a bargain right now at $100. You can't beat that value. But then I tried to get lens hoods for both lenses. There's a cam slot for the hood on the lens barrel that would fit a hood if Olympus made one. No hood! What's up with Olympus?

Now all this talk of lens adapters by Greg daddyo reminds me of my Olympus bridge camera, the Camedia C-8080 (2/3" sensor). To that wonderful lens I added a WCON and TCON converter lenses trying to expand the focal length of the beautiful 28-140 mm (EFL) lens that was fixed on the camera. The use of convereters, while effective, was always awkward and a compromise compared to using the right DSLR lens on an E-5, E-3, E-620 or E-30. And the C-8080's lens had a hood. I eventually had filter adapters made for the TCON and WCON so I was able to mount a hood on the TCON using the threads.

Looking at the converters for the m4/3 14-42 lens, there aren't any threads for filters. The macro converter is a diopter with no threads for a filter or hood - I had a better 3-element diopter for the C-8080. The fish eye is an add-on. I'd much rather shoot with the 11-22 mm lens and have threads for ND filters. The 50 mm f/2 macro is a much better lens and more versatile too. The 4/3 DSLR 8 mm f/3.5 fish eye lens can't be topped in anything Olympus. None of the m4/3 lenses reach the optical excellence of the HG and SHG 4/3 lenses available for Olympus 4/3.

For really high quality images with the best optics Olympus Zuiko makes, the E-5 and the next Olympus DSLR are the best route.

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