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Re: Return policy works fine for Amazom

Joel Stern wrote:

David V wrote:

JoeRadza wrote:

David, I agree with you until you said that they realize a $5000 profit on a $15,000 sale. In any event, until they change their policies, you are free to do what works for you. Just remember, they can and do keep records. Many companies no longer accept returns from customers they consider "habitual" returners.

Do you not think they make 30-35% on much of the merchandise they sell? I would bet they do. Even if they make 20-25%, it still far outweighs the one item I may return that they take a $200 (or less) hit on.

I'm sure they keep records for habitual returners though I haven't heard of any corrective action policies surrounding that. For the record, I am not a habitual returner. In fact of all the merchandise I purchased from Amazon in 2012 I returned one thing. A Sigma 30mm lens for Sony NEX, so I think Amazon made out very well on me in the past year which included all my Fuji lenses and accessories for my X-E1 and tons of other non-photography related purchases.

Depending on item and price point they have to be making from 30-well over 50%.

Amazon operates on a very LOW profit margin No where near 30-50%


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