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Doug Pardee
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Updated list

Camera apps:

  • The camera app that came with my ICS 4.0.4 phone is pretty good.
  • Camera360 Ultimate has more flexibility for still photography, but it gives terrible resolution when activated from another app.
  • ​Camera MX​ has some nice features, including "live" filters and filtered video capture.
  • ​PowerCam​ also has nice features, including "live" filters.​
  • Vignette has even more capabilities for still photography than Camera360, but it costs a few bucks and the heavily menu-driven interface isn't going to please everyone.
  • ​ProCapture​ is aimed toward more serious photography.

Specialty camera apps:

  • ​Cymera​ for low-res pictures of people.
  • Paper Camera provides some unique filters with live preview, and filtered video capture.

Photo editing/sharing apps:

  • Instagram. Canceled my account and removed the app.
  • Streamzoo is my preference as an alternative to Instagram.
  • Pixlr Express​ has a ton of "filter-type" editing choices.
  • ​Snapseed​ doesn't see all that much use.
  • ​Photo Editor​ has some serious editing capabilities.
  • ​Tumblr​ for posting to Tumblr (duh).

File handling apps:

  • ES File Explorer lets me poke around in the file system.
  • QuickPic as an alternative to the standard Android Gallery app.
  • Gallery Refresh for getting the standard Android Gallery app's head straight.
  • Exif Viewer for, well, viewing EXIF on photo files.
  • AirDroid for transferring to and from my computer.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive for storing select photos.

Utility apps:

  • 2X Battery keeps the power drain down when the phone isn't in use.
  • Bluetooth on Call to reduce battery usage by keeping Bluetooth off when I don't need it.
  • ​App Manager​ (formerly ​App2SD​) (Sam Lu) frees up a bunch of my camera memory by moving apps to the internal SD card.
  • QR Droid for scanning QR codes.
  • Fast Reboot (Great Bytes) to clean up the RAM after running a bunch of apps.
  • ​Lookout​ to help me find my phone if I should misplace it, and to check apps for malware.


  • ​GPS Status​ to get my GPS locked more quickly. My low-end phone doesn't have AGPS built-in, and can take 10 minutes or more to lock unless I use ​GPS Status​.
  • Waze social map/traffic app has forewarned me to abandon the freeway a couple of times, and it does an excellent job of providing an accurate ETA to my destination. Navigational turn-by-turn instructions aren't so reliable. Since it has the 4G, GPS, and display operating 100% of the time, I keep the phone plugged into my car-charger when using this one.


  • Sudoku 10'000 Free is a great Sudoku app.

All of the above, except for Vignette, ​ProCapture,​ and ​Paper Camera​, are free apps. Some of them have paid versions, but I'm using the free ones.

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