Mom's with Cameras killing your business?

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Re: Mom's with Cameras killing your business?

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

my state now licenses carpenters, plumbers, etc. Joe Handyman needs a license too. And insurance to get said license.
So of late yes, the 'true professional' handyman/roofer/etc have seen an increase in business - along with perhaps an increase in costs. It's harder to become a 'carpenter' today than ever before.

But to be a photographer? No qualifications exist. You say you are one and you are.
That they're not being run out of town, bashed on FB and the like says a lot about - either us working pros really are deluded that we know more than someone that only half read 'an idiots guide to a D40' OR that the general public can tell the difference or cares that there is a difference.
WE see the difference - the gen'l public does not. Or else a newbie with bad posing, worse lighting and poor PP skills would never ever get a customer. But I"m sure we've all seen crap images from photogs that keep getting work...
If it took real photo skills then microstock would never had anything to sell from all the P&S moms out there.
Some of us (like biggs apparently) have no competition to speak of - and you'll get that in every profession. There are athletes that make $10m or more a year and I'm sure their perspective of the sport is way skewed compared to the avg pro athlete.
Doesn't mean their view is wrong, it's just not the common one.

Good point, you don't need to pass a test of get a license to be a photographer.

That's because all the garbage that you could produce could be called, "Art" and how would they deny it?

I think its the economy, people have less money to spend on pics, and they are willing to go as cheap as possible.. I refuse to lower my rates. I was not getting jobs with lower rates, so now I raised them. It's worth a try.

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