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Re: Canon IPF6400 Printer

I used an iPF 6200 for about two years, then bought an iPF 6300 about two years ago. I've never had a single clog, they are stingy with ink, and produce great prints. The PS plug-in is a great plus too. Where I have had problems is in loading paper. I have literally spent hours struggling with "paper askew" messages before I can get a roll of paper to feed. It's some sort of design flaw with the 6200 and the 6300 which I hope they have fixed with the new version. However, this makes me reluctant to unload the roll paper to load cuts sheets. Also, the printer does drift out of color adjustment with regularity, and you need to recalibrate every two or three weeks. Luckly, Canon's bult-in program makes that easy.

OTOH, I have a Epson 7900 too. It is not as stingy on ink, especially with the idiotic black ink switching routine, and it clogs at least every other week or so. However, loading paper could not be easier, and so I have no hesitation about unloading a roll to print some cut sheets whenever I want. Finally, to my eye, the print quality of the 7900 is ever so slightly, but noticibly, superior to the Canon 6300.

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