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Re: E-5 vs K-5 ii

The E-5 is my best DSLR so far (after a Nikon D80, Pentax K20, Sony A700), and BY FAR! Color, AF speed, metering, WB, built quality, you name it. I also like my tiny E-P3 for its unbeatable color accuracy and some of its awesome tiny lenses (such as the Oly 12mm and the Lumix 25mm...)

Note that you can easily enjoy both 4/3 systems in parallel, since all Zuiko 4/3 with the required adapter (such as the MMF-1/2/3) will tend to give truly gorgeous results in microland; some say, even better than with m.zuiko gear... No doubt about this, at least according to my personal experience with the Oly 8mm, 35mm, 50mm f/2, 12-60mm, 70-300mm, and Leica 14-50mm!

The K-5ii is a beast, but I just can't find enough good reasons (lenses) to give up everything (lenses).

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