A65 vs. A77 vs. A99

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Re: A65 vs. A77 vs. A99

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the advice regarding the A65 vs. A77 vs. A99.  After careful consideration and exploring ALL of the reviews, I have decided to purchase the....

​NIKON D800!  LOL!  NOT !!!!

​​Just kidding!      Seriously, ALL things considered (finances, existing equipment, performance, and mainly IMAGE QUALITY) I have decided to pursue the A99!  I am very pleased with this decision.

In making this decision I would like to actually see, hold, and take a few shots with my lenses before making the final decision.  Any advice on a store I can go to to do this?  The local Best Buy stores do not carry this camera.

Also, will my Minolta 3600 HS flash work on the A99?

If you have any advice going forward, I would greatly appreciate it.  I will likely post this thread on the A99 forum also.

I will keep you posted.  Thank you again for all of your help!


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