16-50 Nex 6 focusing issue with PDAF

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Re: 16-50 focusing issue - reviews?

mbonsack wrote:

Been away from this thread for a week; thanks to Bruce for the event ID and I'm happy things are resolved!

> Hi, I delivered mine to Sony authorized service today.

Radu, when you called Sony did you immediately give them Bruce's Event ID whereupon they "rejected" it? Did you have to send in your entire camera/lens as well? Did they give you any kind of ETA on your camera's return?

It sounds like when you opened your case, it was treated like an entirely new problem. That's kind of a bummer.

Thanks, -mark

Hi, I did not call them, I just went to the authorized service center and explained the problem + delivered the camera & lens together.

I told them that I have an event ID for a case that was exactly the same. They said that they do not need it. I insisted and said that I think it would be helpful to have the history of the exact same case (just different buyer) that was already solved. They kept their decission of not taking that into account.

So yes, they registered as an entirely new problem, I agree it is strange (if not stupid).

About the estimated time, they said 1 week up to 2 weeks.



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