Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Living in the past?

I can't post shots taken at ISO3200, because I don't have any:
For airshows, I am rarely over ISO200. Propeller-driven planes need to be shot at slow shutter speeds, so that the propeller is motion-blurred. (frozen propeller looks unnatural, as if the plane has suffered engine failure and is about to crash). So, camera is set to shutter-priority mode, and usually ISO100 (Camera may vary the ISO somewhat though, to achieve exposure compensation)

Aerostars crossover

Mustangs in formation
In fact on sunny days I usually add a neutral density filter to allow slower shutter speeds. Especially for helicopters, since their rotor blades move more slowly than propellers.

Black Cats, rainy day
For jets at airshows, I'll use much faster shutter speeds - but I still rarely feel any need to go above ISO400.

Red Arrows

Indoor ice skating is more demanding... but my preference is shutter-priority again, to deliberately retain some motion blur in the background or even the subject themselves. This preserves an impression of speed and movement, which is lacking in a perfectly-frozen image (in my opinion). So while I consider this one OK:

Haircutter spin, typically 120 rpm or more

…The effect I'm really after is this:

Spin with desirable motion blur

The above are all obviously straight OOC - no cropping, or any of the PP that I would normally do before printing (NR, WB, Levels/curves).
Basically - I have by no means pushed the limits of my camera's ISO, in a quest for faster shutter speeds. I could freeze the action better, but I haven't even tried, nor have I felt any need to.
I therefore don't have any action shots taken at your arbitrary ISO3200 "requirement", and I doubt I could find any at ISO1600 either. This has not been imposed on me by my humble superzoom camera: I was doing the same thing when I had a DSLR.
And now that I've upgraded from FZ150 to FZ200 (faster lens when zoomed), I'm even less likely to take the kind of high-ISO shots that (I guess) you wanted to see.

I'm sure you are horrified by these, but whatever. A minute or two of PP, print at 6x4, looks good to me staring out of a photo album

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