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Re: How are you travelling, and when?

Concerning lenses....

The Micro4/3rds lenses are impressive compared to other mirrorless systems. Maybe every systems has their gems, but between Olympus and Panasonic, Micro has a great catalog. I especially find the 60mm f2.8 macro and the 45mm f1.8 attractive.

As much as I love my 50-200mm, I'm exasperated with it and have considered selling everything. (I currently own an E-1, E-3, 11-22mm, 14-54mm, 50-200mm and a bunch of legacy Tamron glass).The 50-200mm is a version 1 (not the SWD) and certain v1 lenses started to fall apart. It's pretty well documented imo, and the first time mine fell apart was on my honeymoon to Costa Rica. I paid ~$300 to have it fixed. Now there is a loose screw again and we have a child and a reduced budget. That's $300 more that I would have to put into fixing a lens I love. Maybe it's worth it, but it also makes me mad because that's $600 that I could have put towards an OM-D or E-5. (Or K30 for that matter). When it's working the 50-200mm with the 1.4x and 25mm extension tube is the best and most versatile short tele-zoom available from any manufacturer. It alone might keep me with Olympus. But man, get the SWD if you get one. It doesn't have the problems I have been having. I might have switched to Pentax already, but they really don't have anything like the 50-200mm. The 60-250mm DA* is close I guess, but it's effectively shorter, slower, and more expensive.

Fast forward a year and I hope Olympus will release a camera that I can use my current zooms competently with as well as the 60mm macro and the 45mm f1.8. That's what I'm holding out for; not the E-7. I want a best of both mounts OM-D Pro. But we'll see. If you do end up buying more 4/3rds glass, I'd say you'll have bodies to use it on in the future beyond the E-5. The E-5 should be very capable until then. Slight gamble... maybe and some would say "definite" gamble. But I think Olympus knows they need another body for 4/3rds glass even if it is a transition that gives people micro lens options as well.



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