Moving from E-PL1 to? .. Pairing the GX1 w/Oly lenses? .. a bad idea for a me?

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Re: Moving from E-PL1 to? .. Pairing the GX1 w/Oly lenses? .. a bad idea for a me?

texinwien wrote:

Iasso wrote:

I'm seeing the Panasonics being rated higher than Oly in picture quality and darker lighting ISO performance.

Wait, where are you seeing this? The new models from Olympus are all ahead of the G5, and the GH3 is their equal, in terms of image quality.

I wonder if he had seen the PCMAG reviews (,2817,2414400,00.asp), which give the G5 an "Editor's Choice" award, unlike the EPL5.  Regarding high ISO performance, they write,

"When shooting JPG files, the G5 is an excellent performer in terms of noise control and detail retention. It records images that are just below 1.5 percent noise through ISO 3200, and still manages to preserve fine detail. Pushing to ISO 6400 results in a grainer photo that shows about 2.5 percent noise, but it beats the NEX-F3 in terms of detail—although that camera does keep noise below 1.5 percent at ISO 6400.

If you are a Raw shooter the advantages are less obvious—the G5 only has a slight edge over the NEX-F3 at ISO 3200 in terms of detail—noise is about the same—and is slightly noisier than the F3 at ISO 6400 with no noticeable advantage in resolution. But saying that it is on par with the NEX-F3 in Raw quality at such a high ISO is high praise. The G5 also compares well with the Olympus E-PL5, which features the same imaging engine and sensor as the E-PM2 and OM-D E-M5, when shooting high ISO Raw images. It just barely edges out the similar 16-megapixel Olympus sensor at ISO 3200, and the two cameras are practically identical in terms of quality at ISO 6400."

I know nothing about the reliability of PCMAG's Imatest findings, but just wanted to point out that there are published reviews that rate the image quality of the G5 very favorably compared to the new Olympus models. I find their G5 "editor's choice" rating and Imatest findings puzzling given what I've read on this Forum.

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