Those AWFUL 70-200 Nikon Zooms! ;-) Locked

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Re: Those AWFUL 70-200 Nikon Zooms! ;-)

Do us all a favour, you so obviously a Canon nut, so please go back to Canon and stop having a goat Nikon..

How many Different mounts have Canon had, How many lens mounts have Nikon had..

Go back to the Canon pages..

Stop mouthing off, Nikon have been making lenses a lot longer than Canon..

Just to help you, Nikon have since 1958 used ONE bayonet mount, as you are so obviously a Canon Freak, please tell me how many Lens mounts Canon have had.

Plus why were anon lenses painted White, Why did Canon stop selling Flouriite lenses, is it anything to do with the Crystal used??

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