Pentax KIIs Vs Sigma Foven Sensors

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Re: Pentax KIIs Vs Sigma Foven Sensors


I did check out the video comparing the Nikon to the DP2 Merrill.

Interesting comparison. Sounds like you need patience to capture really good images from the Sigma.

I guess that is true with any system. One must put in the time with the equipment in hand to really know its capabilities. Anyway, being mostly a landscape/nature shooter, I was curious as how both sensors performed (Pentax K11s & the Foveon), especially since the Pentax does not us an AA filter. From reading the replies, I have learned a lot. I have been a Pentax shooter for some time, beginning with the K1000, Pz1P and now their digital bodies. Sigma sensors have got my attention as I have seen some pretty impressive images shot with them. And, I have seen some pretty impressive images shot with the K5 series too. I have been toying the idea of upgrading to one of the K5's or K30 bodies and just wanted to see if the absence of the AA filter made much difference. People talk about the Foveon look, but does the K11s have a unique look also? Can one tell that much difference than say shooting with the K5?

Thanks for information!


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