Lens hood - do you use one?

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Re: Lens hood - do you use one?

Barrie Davis wrote:

(Petal hoods are the compromise they have to be to provide some hooding on zoom lenses, which is most critical at the wide end. The ideal hood for a zoom lens would vary its acceptance angle in synchrony with that of the optics... but the best we have so far are the adjustable professional hoods made in bellows form..)

Nikon's 28-70/2.8, 17-55/2.8, and 24-70/2.8 lenses all make efficient use of their deep, fixed (relative to the moving front element) lens hoods by way of their optical and mechanical designs. The lens is most extended at the wide angle, preventing the lens hood from causing vignetting at that angle of view. The lens then retracts as the focal length moves towards 50mm equivalent (35mm on the 17-55) effectively making the lens hood deeper and then only extends slightly at the switch-over to telephoto. While not perfect due to the slight extension at telephoto, this design allows for much more shading by the lens hood than a typical zoom hood which moves with with the extending front element or is fixed with a non-moving front element. Because all the extension happens with the hood, there's no surprise when the lens is longer than you thought (as has happened to me with the 24-120/4VR at full telephoto).

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