Moving from E-PL1 to? .. Pairing the GX1 w/Oly lenses? .. a bad idea for a me?

Started Feb 17, 2013 | Questions thread
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Good Choice

You're getting the best current sensor in a small package that you can continue to use with your existing collection of lenses.

I think you're going to be happy with the photos you get out of your new camera. Assuming your sample pictures are representative of the kind of conditions you often find yourself taking photos in, this new sensor is going to be a big improvement for you. I enjoyed the pictures you shared - thanks for posting them, but I did notice that some highlights were blown out in practically every image. That's easy to do in sunny conditions with lots of snow around, but the added dynamic range of the new sensor in your E-PM2 should be very helpful in situations with very bright highlights like these.

Definitely a better choice than the GX1, in this case, since the GX1 does not have as much Dynamic Range as the E-PM2, and is more prone to blowing highlights.

Looking forward to seeing some pictures from your new camera and hearing how you're getting long with it!


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