Mom's with Cameras killing your business?

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Not killing. More like maiming.

Daycares are going more and more to MWAC, and many are coming back after a few sessions.. I got laid off (fired) and will not need your daycare unless I get the job. I will only charge 1/2 of what your current photographer is charging. I have no backgrounds or props and will but chep lights. A few messed up sessions, products not delivered on time and colors way off and they call back.

It is one thing to "shoot" a few well behaved kids. Quite another to "shoot" them all, crack babies included and keep your patience in check. And then to deal with bad checks, credit cards and parents that think they should get free stuff cuz government gives them everything else free. Or deal with the ones tha ask why didn't you get them to smile? You are the professional.
(my standard reply now is "my magic wand was is the repair shop, as it did not work with your happy camper") And then the daycare workers tell you they have not seen that kid smile in a year of watching them. I can understand the kids. They are kids. Its the parents that can really get under your skin. They cannot afford to buy photos, so they will make themselves feel better by criticising every aspect of the shot. So I tell them if they want perfection, they can bring Tyrone, Tay-Tay and LaShondra by the studio for a private session for $200.00 shooting fee. And daycare prices do not apply.

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