Lens hood - do you use one?

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Re: Lens hood - do you use one?

pannayar wrote:

One of my (bought used) camera came with a lens hood. Some reading suggests it can prevent glare/flare.

It's not just "some reading" suggestions.... It is the reason they were created, are available & supplied with most lenses.

Mine are always with me (when I have my backpack), and stored mounted backwards on their respective lenses.

Lens flare can be an issue in may situations, so having the hood on allows me to concentrate more on composition and less on where the sun is.

I have no built-in flash, and I don't shoot much indoors without controlled lighting situations.

So for me... mostly just outdoors.

Many will cheer the whole "lens protection" thing, but I find even better lens protection is to keep my camera from bumping things.

Which isn't very hard to do.

I am curious to know how (much) people use these... If you have one, is it just collecting dust in the drawer or is it a 'must have' for you on outdoor photo trips...?

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