An Imaging Software Forum Please

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Re: An Imaging Software Forum Please

JulesJ wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

chkproductions wrote:

At least re-title the Retouching forum into something like Imaging Software and Retouching so people know that's where they would go to post questions or comments about various issues, techniques, etc. with imaging software and plugins that may have nothing to do with the actual retouching of an image.

When I joined DPR it was for the software forum only, not the cameras.

You joined Aug 2012

No, I created this account Aug 2012.

Back then it was called "The Digital Darkroom".

Why they changed that, I have no idea.

That was when DPR had rules about posting images, which they have since removed.

You just have to sort through all the "look at my latest smudge!" and "for play" posts, and hopefully find something of interest.

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