16-50 Nex 6 focusing issue with PDAF

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Re: 16-50 focusing issue - reviews?

BRUCEK56 wrote:

Hi Radu,

My repair # or "Event ID" (as Sony call it) is E56514353.

What I would suggest is for you to write down the serial # of your lens (and body).

The reason is when you get your lens/body back you will know if the lens was replaced or they tried to repair it.

I actually did not write down my serial # for my original lens (didn't think of it) because I thought it would be just repaired.

It was only my direct call to them that they confirmed the whole lens was being replaced........which was the reason for the long delay (they had my camera/lens since January 12th).

Good Luck!.....and let us know how it turns out.

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Hi, I delivered mine to Sony authorized service today. They just did not want me to give them the event ID that you kindly provided, they said that it does not matter because they will check this one and see what is the problem and how they can solve it.

I insisted that it would be a real help for them (and for me) to track your case and save some time on finding the problem and the solution but they just did not want to hear it. It was like speaking to robots. Who knows, they may be right on strictly following the procedures, I don't know.

I will keep you informed, I hope that I will be happy too in the next post.


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