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Re: Potential for zombie attack on CaNikon

boggis the cat wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

John--Olympus has an economic problem and not an accounting problem.

Those are actually strongly linked in business.

Olympus has an accounting solution to an economic problem.  This is just short-term.

What appears to be emerging is that the concept of the camera as we know it is becoming passe'.

The future is in software, not the hardware.

Size matters, but size in terms of what the person is carrying with them.  One device to meet all of their communications needs.  The "camera" will create an image that will communicate to the world seamlessly.  OMD is not that device.

If you carry an electronic device that emails, has web access, takes a picture and alllows for voice communication as well, you are good to go.  One set of cords and chargers and one conveniently sized package.  Software is going to drive the photo part, the way software corrects for distortions now in you camera.  It is going to be smaller and integrated.

The problem with m4/3rds is its size.  The camera and lenses are smaller, but remember, people are carrying around more electronic stuff now. People want all the functions with one devise.

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