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Re: Return policy works fine for Amazom

mbb101 wrote:

No that's not what you said. You said that it was theft. That's a very serious act of dishonesty which has criminal consequences. As a return is with the consent of Amazon then it cannot be dishonest even where it may be unethical. There can be no theft by making a return. It's simply absurd.

Thank you! He starts off with a self righteous post accusing people who returned items to Amazon of theft.  Then he failed (or refused) to understand how Amazon's policy positively affects their bottom line by increasing sales through brand loyalty that they might not have otherwise realized.   Then he continues to post more passive aggressive nonsense and tries to play the victim when people respond negatively.

Any policy or rule can be exploited and the resulting actions can become unethical.  For the purpose of clarity I described my interaction with Amazon.  If those actions are viewed as unethical, then we will just agree to disagree.

I'm done with this thread, and I apologize to the OP for being part of the group that took it off course.

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