Want to learn Photography, Which is the best DSLR for it ?

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Re: Want to learn Photography, Which is the best DSLR for it ?

roby17269 wrote:

bugzie wrote:

He said he wanted to learn photography. If he was asking about a suitable camera for casual shooting and family shots, no, I wouldn't advise he buy a camera like the D200. I just put it up as a suggestion. If he's serious about learning photography, a D200 might be just the ticket. And they're cheap as chips. Around $300 on KEH.

I agree with Bugzie: in the Canon world I would suggest a used 20D / 30D / 40D (depending on price) because of the improved control layout (compared to the 1100D).

In my personal experience, moving from a 350D to a 20D years ago helped me taking much more control on my photography, specifically because the control layout of the 20D made using the M mode much more enjoyable.

I think the D200 would be a great starter camera.

Yes, I agree here. Using semi-automatic and manual modes are far more enjoyable on a more advanced camera. You're encouraged to use them because there's far less fiddling about. You're not bamboozled by all the automation.

I just made a suggestion. Only the OP knows what he means when he says he wants to learn photography. I learnt photography on an all-manual film SLR. I find the D200 far easier to use than some of the more dinky models. It's just a suggestion for the OP to consider. If you really want to learn, get a camera that forces you to learn. That's how a lot of us older folk learnt. The easier a dSLR looks, the greater the effort required to control it.

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