How to be certain about HDR

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OK, I'll just add that the purpose of IR blocking in (almost all) cameras are for the reason of shielding the sensor from heat part of the solar light spectrum - seeing through clothing isn't so effective nor is it main reason (it s quite material-depending), and those who dismount the blocking filters for that reason are in a sore need of some basic education.

Infrared (IR) cut-off filters are used with color CCD or CMOS imagers to produce accurate color images.  An IR cut-off filter blocks the transmission of the infrared while passing the visible.  This can be done with two optical techniques: absorption or reflection.  Absorptive filters are made with special optical glass that absorbs near infrared radiation.  Reflection type filters are short-pass interference filters that reflect infrared light with high efficiency. And processing the IR images is in no way more complicated. As all kinds of PP it will depend upon skill and need, which creates an optimal workflow.

Opinions differ, as it should be. Anyway, there's plenty of literature on the theme...

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