New MX-1 Some More Sample Photos

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New MX-1 Some More Sample Photos

I bought the new MX-1 this Saturday and managed to get out for about 30 minutes and take some very quick sample photos around Camden market, you can see them here;

This is a straight upload of almost every photo I took on the trip, the good the bad and the ugly. The blurred photos you see are almost always a result of playing with the (excellent) HDR option. The rest were shot in aperture priority. I haven't had time to check highlight and shadow correction, vivid colour modes etc.

A few early impressions;

The camera is well built, nice and solid with a good weight (not as heavy as expected though, and certainly lighter than my EP3 which is an almost identical size).

Shooting with it is really fun, it starts quickly, focuses and shoots very quickly and (with the sound off) its very quiet. Quite a change from the EP3 with the Panasonic 20mm.

The angled screen is great, street shooting is a different experience when you can fold out the screen and look down on the camera. The dual level indicators really help with this.

HDR mode is excellent, I took some at dusk last night when it is far more effective than the shots you can see here.

The macro mode(s) on the camera are superb, easy to engage and with focusing to 1cm very powerful. HDR macro is a lot of fun.

The electronic shutter with a top speed of 1/8000s is excellent. However aperture priority mode doesn't seem to want to engage it, I had to switch to shutter priority to go above 1/2000. Once I'd worked this out it worked fine.

Menus seem sensible. The font may seem a little chunky and the display can be a little cluttered but I found it easier than the Olympus equivalent. Pressing info when shooting allows you to quickly change the most important settings.

The only movie mode I've tried out so far is the high speed; normal and time lapse are also offered. Worked very well, would like to see if it can be enabled with macro shooting.

The one control dial is a little firm, perhaps it will loosen over time. Its a real shame the camera doesn't have a second dial around the lens like the XZ-2. Manual focus is done by button pressing which is slightly painful.

Picture modes like toy camera can be applied to shots after they are taken, instead of as they are taken with the Olympus. This means you can apply as any as you like to an image and save the results as a new image, but you can't easily compose with a setting in mind.

The camera is super quiet. If you could engage electronic shutter all the time (and I haven't found a way to do this) it would be silent.

Overall I'm very impressed. I chose it over the ZX-2 as I've already bought in to the PEN system and wanted to try something different, and this was cheaper than the macro lens alone for the PEN. Overall I'm very happy, the screen is nice, the camera is very responsive, the design is nicely done and the initial photos show promise. Add in superb macro, fun HDR settings, nice picture quality overall with relatively few quirks and I'm very pleased with the purchase overall. However, I would also recommend anyone interested also looks at the Olympus XZ-2, it has a very similar lens, screen  and sensor with touch screen focus (which is love on the PEN) and more control dials and real time effect processing. It doesn't have shutter speeds higher than 1/2000s, HDR mode or quite the range of macro options from what I can see.

A great purchase and I'm looking forward to taking more shots with it soon.

Olympus PEN E-P3 Pentax MX-1
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