Epson Stylus Pro 3880 for occasional use?

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Re: Epson Stylus Pro 3880 for occasional use?

Dazzer8888 wrote:


I'm thinking of buying an Epson Stylus Pro 3880.

The thing is, i'll be using infrequently. So, probably only printing 1 or two times a week max.

I read that if you leave this printer sitting idle for a week or more, you'll have trouble with it (clogging up).

Anyone know if this is true?

Many thanks! .........D

Over the two or so years I have followed this forum I have read that claim over and over again. It has become a mantra it has been said so often.  I was so convinced that I went to a Canon multi purpose in order to avoid the issue. Bit by bit I started following the folks that were providing solutions to the posters of those questions/ claims here and in other forums. It became apparent that clogs are a user fault, not a printer fault.  Emboldened by the revelation I purchased a 3880 last May. and had to put it in hibernation almost immediately. There it stayed till a week or so ago. It prints perfectly because I did my regular housekeeping.

I live in the Alpine area of coastal Southern Australia, Victoria to be precise. In winter it gets to below zero and is damp and dank, mould grows freely if its not killed, we do not use central heating. In summer it is frequently well  over 100 degrees F for days at a time, humidity is ZERO or near to it, and normal weather is very dry.

The 3880 is a pigment printer and should by definition be prone to clogs.  Based on my experience of no,  nil,  ZERO clogs in that time I say the claim that the 3880 is clog prone is mostly user blame shifting !!  Only qualifier is a dud print head from day one, its possible for any mechanical device to have inherent mechanical issues but that is not what we are discussing here.

All it takes is a few pages of super cheap Laser or inkjet plain paper an image (any) and a once per week, as little as a single print and there is no excuse for clogs.
Andrew G

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