G1X does 5fps in P mode! WTH?

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Re: G1X does 5fps in P mode! WTH? Question to OP

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Greg,

I've been using my G1X for a year and thought I knew most of its functions but you've lost me - I've never explored burst mode because I'm a single AF and occasionally MF type of shooter........ so can you help me out here?

You refer to "P burst mode" in your OP. I can't find any reference to a "burst" mode in the manual at all, so I'm thinking this has become the accepted terminology for something Canon call by a different name. I know what P mode is - Program. And I know in the set button menu there is single shot, continuous and continuous with AF. Is that what you're referring to? If not, exactly what menu settings are you referring to by 'P burst mode'? Sorry to appear a bit thick.....

Cheers, Rod


The burst mode is available in the SCN mode. It is called HQ burst. It fires 6 JPG shots in rapid succession with fixed focus past the first shot.


I was also a bit confused by the P Burst phrase.

Yes the HQ burst is very good even if you cant shoot RAW. I've used it on action shots to pick the best frame and it's worked perfectly.

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