G1X popularity - is it on the rise?

Started Feb 16, 2013 | Discussions thread
tinpusher Senior Member • Posts: 1,359
Re: It is a very capable camera

So often you buy a camera and it's a bit of a 5 minute love affair until the next big thing comes along.

I started by hating the G1X.

I didn't like the body , didn't like the lack of macro , wasn't keen on the viewfinder , hated the cheap feel of the shutter - still do - and was sure that I'd lose the lens cap. I wasn't too happy about the price either

But... I was about to leave on a 16,000 mile round trip and I had always wanted a large sensor camera with a fixed tele lens ; there's still nothing else quite like it. Carrying a DSLR by Air can be a pain so along with my other fixed lens big sensor kit I departed.

Even at the end of my trip , I still wasn't sure about the G1X as handling isn't up to Fuji X100 standard. As I processed the images I started saying "wow" more and more.

And that's the bottom line. A classic camera surely is one that grows a reputation beyond its design quirks. I've learned to love this brick and would buy a G2X tomorrow selling my Fiji X100 in the process.

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