Do any MX-1 owners have any comparison shots they've taken with other premium compacts?

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Re: Do any MX-1 owners have any comparison shots they've taken with other premium compacts?

marike6 wrote:

It look like you can bounce the flash, as that seems to be what this user is doing.

In the The Camera Store TV video review they confirm that you can't bounce the flash. But I'm sure I could apply some of the home-grown solutions I've seen in various threads that make use of something reflective (like foil) to bounce it.

I sold my RX100 after 4 weeks. IQ was very good, as was video quality but I just did not like shooting with it. It really feels like a P&S and not in a good way. And the lack of a good macro mode and the soft f1.8 up close really made the camera not so much fun, IMHO.

Well I got to 6 weeks before my RX100 started irritating me so much that I sold it. I just didn't find it a well balanced package. IQ was great in the middle but very soft in the corners. Image stabilisation was very poor. And while the lens was fast at f/1.8 wide open it closed down to f/4.9 at full tele - that 3 stops. So every time I took a photo zooming in on something I kept having to consider whether I'd be better off going at a wider angle and either stepping forward or cropping so I could take advantage of a wider aperture. With the MX-1 you don't need to worry about that as there's only a 1 stop difference across the entire focal range.

Like you I'm looking forward to the Fuji X20, but even if it does beat the MX-1 for IQ the MX-1 may still a better buy for me. I really appreciate a tilting LCD, and the X20 is going to be quite a bit more expensive than the MX-1. I guess the final decision for me will be on just how close the MX-1 is to the X20 in the IQ department.

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