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It's really just a way of making NEX FF on demand

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Point well received. In my situation it is cheaper to buy a NEX body and the adapter than to buy some new and of equivalent performance larger size Canon dslr body. At the same time I get a very compact and vesatile new EF lens camera that "concentrates" FF lens capabilty on to an aps-c sensor increasing resolution and picking up a stop in performance along the way.

Everybody does not need one.

Ignoring the slight magnification (crop) that the SB still leaves, it is really better to think of the SB as allowing an APS-C NEX to behave as a FF camera on demand. The aperture increases in essentially the same proportion that the area of FF sensels would have been larger, so the low-light performance becomes essentially identical for similar sensor technology. The IQ using the SB is slightly lower than without the SB on FF, but mostly near the corners,  and corners don't look so great on most FF systems anyway.

The cool thing about the SB is thus the fact that you can decide in the field to use the same body either for a FF view or an APS-C "sweet spot" crop. It would take over 50MP on a FF sensor to give such a choice.

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