Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?


Hello gdourado,

With the increase advancements in sensor technology and mirrorless cameras, I was wondering how many non professionals still use DSLR's as their travel cameras or just general usage cameras...

The Problem here is that the Mirrorless Cameras missing some Features that some old DSLR have.

If I was a payed photo professional, doing either event shooting, sports, nature or fashion shoots, a camera with maximum speed, precision and control would be a must.

Same for me as a Amateur or "Advanced Photo Shooter".

But if you are just an hobbyist or an amateur, do you still feel motivated to haul around a big DSLR with lenses all day?

Sure, so long i can not buy a better Camera + Lens System Today.
I use my Bike to carry the Camera + Lenses.

...but when I think about the fact that I left the hotel in the morning with a big and heavy camera bag, only to return at night, having a big camera always hanging from either my neck or my shoulder, I wish I had taken something smaller and lighter.

Just use a tiny Compact Camera.

What are your feelings on this matter?

I feel a bit that Your Passion for Photography is not enough Distinctive.
If the Camera + Lenses are to heavy for You, just use a rolling Camera Case or a Bike like Me (with Bags).

Regards: Carsten

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