buy NEX7 now?

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The NEX-7 will be usable at the pro level for a while

edwardaneal wrote:

also with the NEX-7 you know exactly what you are getting, it is well reviewed and there have been firmware releases to fix all of the major bugs that people complained about. - - - in other words no unexpected surprises

Look at the various new FF DSLR tests at DPReview. Add a NEX-7 in the comparisons. The NEX-7 is not just competitive, but clearly better in most cases up to about ISO 1600! Even more disturbingly, it's smaller, better built, and cheaper than most FF DSLRs -- even if you add the cost of a Metabones Speed Booster to "undo" the APS-C view crop. And the NEX-7 can use many lenses those FF DSLRs can't.

In summary, Sony may well have things that do better coming out real soon, but the NEX-7 will still be a pro-level-IQ workhorse for at least a couple more years. In fact, although I use my NEX-7 plenty, I really don't have any hesitation to use my original NEX-5 instead in most circumstances (often with a  bulky sub-$20 LCD viewer to act like an EVF) -- it is still capable of IQ at least competitive with your average midrange DSLR while being able to use lenses they can't and, if necessary, being able to fit in a large pocket. 

Incidentally, in terms of IQ when used carefully, even my Sony A100 is still quite respectable. It's more that it's a pain to use and can't use most of my lenses than that IQ is terrible. Same for my A350. And my excellent-if-only-it-had-focus-peaking A55. As much as sensors, etc., have improved, the truth is that the most significant changes have been in features, and the use-nearly-any-lens aspect of any NEX body is one heck of a great feature.

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