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Re: The K-5II...

I have considered the K5 many times. It is a brilliant camera and if I was going to go APS-C I would get that, and Nikon/Canon would not get a look in. It handles superbly and its dynamic range and low light performance is outstanding.

However, my E3 has better lenses, better OOC jpegs and it focuses faster. So to me you have a very obvious cheap option. You already have a 14-54 you say? As mentioned the 12-60 is not really ahead of it image wise unless you are really a serious pixel peeper. So get a used E3. They are so cheap these days its daft. Then get a  40-150. Its a brilliant lens, and has to be the best value ever. (Mk 1 version is better and faster) And its light.

There, both for £400 and spend the rest on your holiday.

Okay, you have not got a new lightweight system, but you have spent very litle and got a great tough rig.

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