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Re: Show us your Pet Shots

I don't think there is anything cuter than a very young ACD pup.  However, they are such MONSTERS as puppies....

My sister has two of them, and she almost lost her marbles trying to train the first one.  When the pup was about 4 1/2 months old, my sister broke her foot, so I dog sat for about a month while my sister recuperated.  I managed to housebreak the pup, finally, and so by the time my sister got her back, she was a much improved dog.  However, that first couple of months was literally a living hell for her.

On the other hand, I rescued a 5 month old ACD from a terrible pet shop, and he immediately took a biting dislike to my ancient black labrador, and had to be separated from her at all times (he was fine with the little white rat terrier and the cats, though).  After a month working with him, I was still unable to get him housebroken (and that is one of those things I am normally very good at), and was on the verge of having him put to sleep due to aggression towards the other dog...fortunately, my sister had a soft spot for him, and took him, but sent him to a trainer for a few weeks, who managed to reach him.  He came back housebroken, and he got along fine with my sister's ACD, so she still has both of them.

The thing is, he still has aggression towards large black dogs.  I suspect he had some kind of encounter with one in his youth at the pet store that left an indelible impression on him, since the moment he saw my black lab when I brought him home, he went for her.....and that never changed.  On the other hand, he is absolutely smitten with my current Lab, who is yellow.  They play and bounce all over when he comes to visit.  Go figure!


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