Please help suggest studio strobes for me

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Re: Please help suggest studio strobes for me

My first studio lights were Photoflex Starflash lights and they served my initial entry into studio lighting. I thought I needed four lights to start, but after assisting commercial photographers I discovered the best way to learn was through a "less is more" attitude.

I rented several studio lights when I became a full time commercial photographer to determine what best suited my needs. Because I shoot people for performance advertising getting authentic expressions is key. And since the nuances of expression change in an instant fast recycle times was a big consideration. After renting and using most of the major brands I selected Einsteins by Paul Buff. Excellent color control and his CyberCommand system allows me to control the lights from a single controller. My clients appreciate taking less time because futzing with gear is not what they're paying me for.

You may be thinking that you're not a pro, but in reality you will face the same frustrations as those of us who earn our livelihood shooting. If I had it to do all over I would buy a single Einstein and controller, practice developing your skills and THEN purchase more gear.

I use Buff lights exclusively and I could not be more pleased. And my clients love the light. One of my clients had an "emergency" needing an unscheduled publicity session for a production of CATS. Here is. bts video of the session. Even though I used three lights for several of the shots, in the end the client and I selected the single light shot for the final press and publicity images.

Have fun in studio, it can be both satisfying and frustrating. My saying, the less room, the more cussing!

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