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Re: Any S95 vs S110 comparison images?

CAcreeks wrote:

panamforeman wrote:

A post I did on the Canon Forum: For Detail Man

I own the S95, S100 & S110. I am chagrined at what I see! Are my eyes are deceiving me? The S95 has the S100/110 beat by a mile on IQ. (I know S95 has a CCD sensor, whereas S100/110 have a CMOS)

I compare the IQ on all three and the S95 consistently gives clearer and sharper images. This from my own comparisons.....and Imaging Resource Comparator's site.

I found your post on the Canon forum, "Canon S110 a disappointment" however there were no sample images in the thread. Previously my impression was that the S100 and S110 were the same camera with slight changes to the S110.

When the S100 came out, DPreview tested three samples before finally finding a good one. At that point I lost interest, so I never paid attention to S110 reviews.

But it would be interesting to see some evidence!

Try this website: Imaging Comparator. It's self evident.

As for my own shots? I'm satisfied with what I see on my monitior, and it's one of the best.

The S95/100/110 IQ question has been debated to death. I only bought the S110 because of the S100 Lens Error problem, other wise I was perfectly satisfied with the S100. And if you think there is no difference in the two, try this site:

The differences are small but overall the S110, except in a few categories, is a degradation. And from a company like Canon that is disappointing.

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