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Najinsky wrote:

alendrake wrote:

Honestly I didn't quite get the reasoning for refusing from 6D. You made a judgement about a camera by comparison of single images done with lenses of quite different focal length, one being the best tele lens ever produced in micro43 format, and the other one not the very best Canon L wide-to-short-tele zooms?

You see, you did get it after all!

No, you are right. The post got too long, and I decided not to go into all the thought processes, which would probably have doubled the length and sent people to sleep, so I jumped straight to the result.

I did wonder if that would get picked up on, and I almost got away with it.

Your question is in a similar vein (but different posting style) to TORN's response at:

So it's probably worth checking the follow up to that at:

But given the thread is still walking, I think I'd like to give a better close to the story and expand a little on the thinking.

I'm a 5D2 + nice Canon glass user. A user? I do consider myself a photographer, but it's not my trade and I don't choose my equipment based on what will deliver most efficiently to a stream of client expectations.

But I do share some common requirements with the pros; Reliability, High quality results and equipment that has been well designed for the task. Of course, my tasks differ from his, and I might emulate DPR and say, that 5D2 is one very well sorted camera. Whereas he might look and say, 9 AF points, meh.

The 5D2 is equipment well designed for the task. As are the L and speciality lenses I've eventually gravitated towards. And the thing is, I get tremendous kick from a using machine that does it's job stylishly while delivering great results.

But the reality is, the more I travelled to different types of places using different transport, the more I realised that sometimes the 5D2 was inappropriate, inconvenient or impossible. It can't be discrete, it can't be quickly stowed at a moments notice, and it can't magically shed its heft.

So a second camera for when the 5D2 wasn't the right tool was sought, and after a long, frustrating, expensive quest, with many false starts, the OM-D finally filled the role. And rather than feeling like I'm permanently making a compromise. What I realised when taking that comparison shot, is that the OM-D was starting to give me that same kick; equipment well designed for the task, great lenses and delivering great results. It's not flawless, but that's the subject for another thread.

And of course there's a context to it, I'm not expecting full frame performance with legendary L glass. But I still have the 5D2 for when that is of primary importance for the task.

I realised spending the money on more good glass for the Olympus, would only enhance the shooting experience further for more of my shooting. In comparison, upgrading the 5D2 to the very good 6D would essentially give me the 5D2 with some extra, desirable and useful, features, but ultimately, they would be on a camera type that has already, for my usage, been relegated to 'occasional and special purpose usage'.


Thanks for your thoughts, mate!

Being both Canon and Nikon user for some time, I'd also say that their upper than Rebel (and Nikon's equivalents) cameras are so much well thought and can satisfy any demand for respective cash:)) But the size really matters sometimes, and there is where M43 with such capable cameras as E-M5 and GH3 really shine. And I personally wouldn't think of 5DII to 6D as upgrade. It's more like switching like from previous model Mercedes E-Class to a newest C-Class with all it's wins and losses. Wish you all the best and great enthusiasm in your work!

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