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The K-5II...

DaveP E1 wrote:

Give me a compelling reason to stick with Oly. I have a once in a lifetime vacation coming up - Machu Picchu & Galapogos and will retire my trusty E-1 for something with IS and more reach. The E-5 will require all new lenses, 12-60 & 50-200 ~$3300. The Pentax K-5 ii on the other hand has a nice walk-around 18-135mm (x1.5) f3.8 kit lens lens with supposed better IQ, dynamic range, very high ISO ~$1500. With Oly possibly abandoning the semi-pro SLR market it seems like a no-brainer. Ruggedness/ weatherproofing/dependability is high on my list of attributes. Can the K-5 ii comapre with the build quaility of the E-1. For that matter, can even the E-5 compare?

The K-5II is indeed quite great and will give you best in class APS-C DR, tonal range, etc. If the issue is to keep using 4/3rds, by all means get a K-5II instead of an E-5 in that situation.

If you don't mind looking at the OMD-5, then take it into consideration for being smaller. IT WILL NOT match the K-5II image quality overall in all situations (no matter what people may say here, I have shot with both, well K-5 and OMD-5), but the OMD-5 is not bad.

So to me this would boil down to:

- do you want a smaller camera? Even though the K-5II is quite small- the OMD -5 is smaller- add a point to the OMD

- you want ultimate low light/any light performance- Add a point to the K-5II

- you want better ergonomics- imho, K-5II hands down (try both in person, see if you like the OMD-5 more). To me this was the deal breaker in getting the OMD-5 but that's just also personal. Try both.'

- Do you want an OVF vs EVF? Well, K-5II it is

I don't think you can go wrong with either. I would say if you have Olympus flashes and you care about flashes, add a point to the OMD-5. If you also don't mind slower AF with 4/3rd lenses, you could get the m4/3rds-4/3rds lens adapter and add a point to the OMD-5.

If you can try both that's best too. I would not go for an E-5 given the OMD or K-5 unless you are shooting in good light and you like the E-3/E-5 body ergonomics, size and weight.

One more thing: between a K-5 and K-5II, definitively get the K-5II.

Just my 2 cents.

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