24 1.4 or 24-70 2.8?

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Re: 24 1.4 or 24-70 2.8?

Denton Taylor wrote:

Hi all:


Anyone have any comments, especially if you have both lenses?

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I have both lenses.

I got the 24 1.4 first and love it. It's sharp and love how it perform wide open. With the right distance you can totally isolate the object from its surrounding.

24II 1.4 wide open

24-70II is also awesome, versatile, and as discussed by other to death, is very-very sharp. I also love its creamy smooth bokeh.

24-70II 2.8 wide open

I intended to sell my 24II after getting the 24-70II, but after using the 24-70II for a while I opted to keep the 24II. While 24-70II is much versatile, it still cannot do 1.4.

My 2 cents..

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